What I say about me:

I like to think. I like to design. I like to write. I like to have fun. And hopefully somewhere in that process create a brand that people will care about. 


What others say about me:

"Holly is a true writer's art director, with a keen ear for smart headlines and an ability to bring them to life with her witty, thoughtful design. She's a big thinker; she understands her clients' business, she never loses sight of the strategy and never succumbs to vanity." 

"I've worked with Holly Fiss on more projects than I can remember and on every one, she always surprises me. That's 'cause she has more than just great layout and graphic skills, she has great ideas. She's an outside-the-box thinker in a business with far too much two-dimensional thinking. She has my highest recommendation on every level: creativity, reliability and (inside secret) she's fun to work with!"

"In a world of "computer generated thinking," she is one of the few remaining great conceptual art directors out there. She quickly grasps the insight and overall direction and goes after it tenaciously. Holly will provide solutions that surprise and delight — all while staying on strategy."